Global Biogeochemical Cycles features research on regional to global biogeochemical interactions, as well as more local studies that demonstrate fundamental implications for biogeochemical processing at regional or global scales. Published papers draw on a wide array of methods and knowledge and extend in time from the deep geologic past to recent historical and potential future interactions. This broad scope includes studies that elucidate human activities as interactive components of biogeochemical cycles and physical Earth Systems including climate. Authors are required to make their work accessible to a broad interdisciplinary range of scientists.

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The greenhouse gas burden of inland waters

In a new pair of studies, a global team of scientists reassessed greenhouse gas emissions stemming from rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs. The studies update previous estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from inland ...

From glacier ice, a wealth of scientific data

Perched next to a river near a glacier's edge in Greenland, Penn biogeochemist Jon Hawkings and Jack Murphy, senior research coordinator in Hawkings' lab, scooped up samples of frigid meltwater, careful to seal the bottles ...

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