Gender & Society (GENDSOC) is a peer-reviewed journal, focused on the study of gender. It is the official journal of Sociologists for Women in Society, and was founded in 1987 as an outlet for feminist social science.

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New approach to reducing gender inequality at work

At a time when many companies are feeling pressured to report on and improve gender inequality within the workforce, a Stanford sociologist is finding success with a new method for reducing the kind of bias that leads to ...

How do sports news shows disguise sexism against women's sports?

Sports news shows cover women's sports in a dull, lackluster manner, making women's sports seem less exciting and entertaining than men's, according to the latest research in a study spanning 25 years. Based on its latest ...

Failure to find a job can land women back in prison

Los Angeles incarcerates more people than any other city in the world, at a fiscal cost of more than $75,000 per person annually. But University of California, Riverside sociologist Susila Gurusami said incarceration also ...

Gender segregation in jobs is not rooted in early family planning

Despite decades of efforts to banish the idea of "jobs for men"—construction worker, firefighter, mechanic—and "jobs for women"—teacher, flight attendant, registered nurse—almost 69 percent of workers are in occupations ...

Study on gender: Who counts as a man and who counts as a woman

Gender is no longer determined solely by biological factors, according to a new study by a Grand Valley State University researcher whose article, "Doing Gender, Determining Gender: Transgender People, Gender Panics, and ...

'Jeopardy!' offers professor insight into gender and speech

(—I'll take "Gender and Speech" for $200, Alex. He didn't provide an answer in question format, but William & Mary's Thomas Linneman nonetheless addressed this topic in a recent study titled "Gender in Jeopardy! ...

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