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Having good friendships may make for a healthier gut microbiome

Social connections are essential for good health and well-being in social animals, such as ourselves and other primates. There is also increasing evidence that the gut microbiome—through the so-called "gut-brain axis"—plays ...

Microbes in Arctic soils are primed to react to climate change

Global warming is heating the Arctic faster than the rest of the planet. Svalbard, an archipelago north of Norway, is warming even faster than the remainder of the Arctic, making it a "canary in a coalmine" for climate change ...

Bacterial quorum quenched by bacterial enzyme

Bacteria produce slimy biofilms to coat and protect themselves and make them less susceptible to antimicrobial drugs and chemical cleaning products. The biofilms have implications for health and various industries, as they ...

The new compound that destroys the MRSA superbug

A compound that both inhibits the MRSA superbug and renders it more vulnerable to antibiotics has been discovered by scientists at the University of Bath led by Dr. Maisem Laabei and Dr. Ian Blagbrough.

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