Forest Ecology and Management is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles linking forest ecology with the management of forest resources. The journal publishes research manuscripts that report results of original research, review articles, and book reviews. Articles may report work related to any forest ecosystems worldwide, including plantations and natural forests. Forestry-related topics are covered that apply biological and social knowledge to address problems encountered in forest management and conservation.

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Wood density of European trees decreasing continuously since 1870

Trees are growing more rapidly due to climate change. This may sound like good news—after all, this means that trees are storing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their wood, and hence modulating a key ingredient ...

Whole-tree logging may not hinder plant biodiversity

As much as we love our two-by-fours and toilet paper, many of us have mixed feelings about logging. Those feelings can morph into straight-out hostility when it comes to removing the branches and treetops, which are increasingly ...

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