Eukaryotic Cell (EC) presents the latest findings from basic research studies of simple eukaryotic microorganisms such as yeasts, filamentous fungi, parasitic protozoa, ciliates, social amoebae, algae, and other protists. The journal reports basic research studies involving genetic, genomic, biochemical, molecular, and cell biological analysis, virulence studies of host-pathogen interactions, and population genetics and evolutionary/phylogenetic studies for eukaryotic microbes.

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Mysterious gene functionally decoded

The protein BEM46 is found in all creatures having a nucleus. Mammals have several copies of this gene whereas fungus have only one copy. Some years ago the bem46 gene was named under the top ten of the "known-unknown genes". ...

Yeast's lifestyle couples mating with meiosis

From a biological point of view, the world's most exotic sex lives may be the ones lived by fungi. As a kingdom, they are full of surprises, and a new one reported in the journal Nature seems sure to titillate the intellects ...

Researchers unravel secrets of parasites' replication

A group of diseases that kill millions of people each year can't be touched by antibiotics, and some treatment is so harsh the patient can't survive it. They're caused by parasites, and for decades researchers have searched ...

New study finds titan cells protect Cryptococcus

Giant cells called "titan cells" protect the fungus Cryptococcus neoformans during infection, according to two University of Minnesota researchers. Kirsten Nielsen, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the department of microbiology, ...