Energy Policy is established worldwide as the authoritative journal addressing those issues of energy supply, demand and utilization that confront decision makers, managers, consultants, politicians, planners and researchers. Major articles cover a comprehensive range of topics from national energy pricing to energy efficiency potential in the domestic sector; from the politics of US energy policy to the economic evaluation of nuclear power; from the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use to energy demand management in developing countries.

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Calculating the effects of a climate transition in India

India, with its 1.4 billion people, is the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the U.S.. The country is now taking the first steps towards a climate transition with volume targets for the upscaling of renewable ...

New study on coal phase-out fuels doubts about 'commissionitis'

A novel research approach that analyzes political discourse through the automated text evaluation of comments on the social media platform Twitter is now providing insights into a fundamental question of climate policy: Does ...

U.S. can get close to deep decarbonization by 2050, study finds

The United States will get only partially toward deep reductions in greenhouse gasses with the policy tools currently available even in the scenario most favorable politically to decarbonization. That's the finding of a recent ...

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