Election Law Journal is a peer-reviewed quarterly law journal published by Mary Ann Liebert, covering the legal issues related to elections and voting rights in the United States.

Mary Ann Liebert
United States

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Foreign election interference: A global response

The increasing threat of foreign interference in elections has driven six nations to take similar approaches to combat this pervasive threat. A review of the details to their responses brings out valuable differences and ...

Hidden donors play significant role in political campaigns

A new Caltech study reveals that so-called hidden donors in a political campaign—those contributors who donate less than $200—can make up a sizable fraction of a candidate's campaign funds.

Does publicizing incentive programs increase political donations?

Field studies designed to assess the impact of promoting political contribution incentives, such as public matching funds and tax credits, showed that nonpartisan publicity did not affect the likelihood that individuals would ...

Hand counts of votes may cause errors, says new study

Hand counting of votes in postelection audit or recount procedures can result in error rates of up to 2 percent, according to a new study from Rice University and Clemson University.

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