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Urban lighting needs to consider migrating birds, study suggests

University of Manitoba researchers have published a paper that challenges the way we think about airspace. By equipping some migratory birds with a GPS backpack, the biologists provided new and crucial data to a burgeoning ...

Beavers support freshwater conservation and ecosystem stability

One of the most comprehensive studies conducted on beavers has conclusively demonstrated that beavers are essential for freshwater conservation and ecosystem stability by creating and preserving aquatic and wetland environments ...

Extinct megafauna prone to ancient 'hunger games'

Different combinations of human hunting and climate change caused Australia's famed 'giant' species to go extinct, and now it turns out that for some species, changing food availability made things worse.

Hardscrabble plants stake large territory amid toxic soils

Borneo's Mount Kinabalu stands as a geologic monument to plant diversity, laying claim to thousands of species—including the world's largest flower, a grapevine-sapping parasite that grows 3-plus feet wide and draws pollinating ...

Polar vortex, winter heat may change bird populations

For birds and other wildlife, winter is a time of resource scarcity. Extreme winter weather events such as a polar vortex can push some species to the edge of survival. Yet winter tends to get short shrift in climate change ...

How smartphones can help detect ecological change

Leipzig/Jena/Ilmenau. Mobile apps like Flora Incognita that allow automated identification of wild plants cannot only identify plant species, but also uncover large scale ecological patterns. These patterns are surprisingly ...

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