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The true impact of the Black Summer fires on frogs

The first extensive survey of amphibian communities since the 2019–20 Australian Black Summer bushfires has revealed the true impact of severe fire on frogs in eastern NSW.

Lyrebirds are losing their voices due to continued habitat loss

A new study led by Western Sydney University has found that Albert's lyrebirds are negatively impacted by continued habitat loss, with variation in song diversity indicating declining population health and the need for conservation ...

The perilous migratory journey of the eastern whip-poor-will

Using GPS tags attached to the birds, researchers discovered some surprising facts about the long migrations that eastern whip-poor-wills make from their Midwest breeding grounds to where they winter in Mexico and Central ...

Tropical coral species at extreme risk from climate change

New Curtin University research has found that the coral species living on the pristine reefs in Western Australia's Kimberley and offshore regions will be in danger of disappearing or moving south to cooler waters, if urgent ...

Dragonfly species losses and gains in Germany

Germany is a hotspot for dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) species in Europe, owing to the range of habitats and climates that it provides. While many recent and mostly small-scale studies suggest long-term declines of ...

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