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Why developing nerve cells can take a wrong turn

A group of scientists from CECAD has found a mechanism by which neurodevelopmental diseases concerning neurons can be explained. The loss of a certain enzyme, UBE2K, impedes the differentiation of stem cells by silencing ...

Fighting tuberculosis with light and sound

A UK-wide research team, led by the Schools of Physics and Astronomy and Medicine at the University of St Andrews, has developed an innovative way to monitor the reaction of living bacteria to antibiotics using lasers and ...

How a molecular 'alarm' system protects plants from predators

In nature, every species must be equipped with a strategy to survive in response to danger. Plants, too, have innate systems that are triggered in response to a particular threat, such as insects feeding on them. For example, ...

Eliminating damaged germline cells preserves germline integrity

The germline is the cell lineage of an organism that passes on its genetic material to its progeny. Genetic damage to the germline can cause developmental defects and even death of that same progeny. It is thought that biological ...

Better plant edits by enhancing DNA repair

A new genome editing system enhances the efficiency of an error-free DNA repair pathway, which could help improve agronomic traits in multiple crops.

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