Climatic Change is dedicated to the totality of the problem of climatic variability and change - its descriptions, causes, implications and interactions among these. The purpose of the journal is to provide a means of exchange among those working in different disciplines on problems related to climatic variations. This means that authors have an opportunity to communicate the essence of their studies to people in other climate-related disciplines and to interested non-disciplinarians, as well as to report on research in which the originality is in the combinations of (not necessarily original) work from several disciplines. The journal also includes vigorous editorial and book review sections.

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Few in U.S. recognize inequities of climate change

Despite broad scientific consensus that climate change has more serious consequences for some groups—particularly those already socially or economically disadvantaged—a large swath of people in the U.S. doesn't see it ...

Tracking ships' icy paths amidst climate change

There has been much buzz about the warming planet's melting Arctic region opening shipping routes and lengthening travel seasons in ocean passageways that ice once blocked. Expanded fishing, trade and tourism is envisioned. ...

Local floodplain home buyouts can inform federal plans

As climate change threatens residential areas, a longtime federal home buyout program—designed to eliminate risk to people and property—has become bureaucratically inaccessible and inequitable.

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