Chemistry—A European Journal has established itself as a truly international journal with top quality contributions (2012 ISI Impact Factor 5.831). It is the international forum for the publication of outstanding Full Papers from all areas of chemistry and related fields.

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5.831 ()

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New sensor detects chemicals that impair thyroid gland

In a study conducted at the University of Twente, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Open University of Israel, researchers have developed a novel approach to address the environmental challenges posed by perchlorate ...

New study explores amino acid that turns into gel in water

Hydrogels, ubiquitous materials in our daily lives, are the focus of scientific research published in Chemistry—A European Journal. Conducted by the SupraBioNanoLab at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical ...

A method for analyzing tiny, complex crystals

The atomic structure of solid substances can often be analyzed quickly, easily and very precisely using X-rays. However, this requires that crystals of the corresponding substances exist. Chemist Professor Oliver Oeckler ...

Speeding up sugar's conversion into fuel

University of Queensland researchers have found a way to more efficiently convert sugarcane into a building block of aviation fuel and other products.

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