Cell Reports Methods is an open access, multidisciplinary journal from Cell Press publishing significant methodological advances of broad interest. The primary criterion for publication in Cell Reports Methods is a robust, reproducible method that will spur scientific progress. We will also consider papers presenting a new tool or set of reagents that will be of significant utility and interest to the community. Cell Reports Methods publishes shorter, single-point stories, called Reports, in addition to a longer Article format. Areas of interest include innovations in sequencing and imaging technologies, genome editing, single-molecule approaches, computational methods, biotechnology, and synthetic biology.

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Researchers develop model to study neglected tropical diseases

Neglected tropical diseases affect more than 1 billion people–one-sixth of the world's population. Despite their devastating health consequences, these diseases, which occur in some of the world's poorest and most isolated ...

A heartbeat in a dish: Growing specialized heart cells

Detailed examinations of the heart have revealed the pivotal role of the left ventricle—it's the area of the heart that develops first and provides the force to pump blood around our bodies. Crucially, it is also the area ...

Smart microscopy works out where to take the picture

Is it possible to know exactly where to point a microscope in order to capture the precise moment a bacterium or a virus infects a cell? In order to take high resolution microscopic images of living biological material, you ...

New testing approach diagnoses COVID-19 with near-perfect accuracy

By inspecting the body's immune response at a molecular level, a research team has developed a new way to test patients for COVID-19. Their method can potentially catch infections a matter of hours after exposure—far earlier ...

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