Cell Host & Microbe is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Cell Press. The journal was first launched in March 2007 and focuses broadly on the study of microbes, with an emphasis on the interface between the microbe and its host. The journal is run by in-house editorial and production teams with full responsibility for selecting and preparing content for publication.

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Researchers discover novel mechanism for MRSA virulence

Researchers at Mount Sinai, in collaboration with researchers at New York University, have published a study in Cell Host & Microbe that sheds light on the mechanisms behind the severity, or virulence, of methicillin-resistant ...

Identity theft, the secret to a cat parasite's success

The parasite Toxoplasma is carried by a large portion of the global human population. Now a study led by researchers at Stockholm University shows how this microscopic parasite so successfully spreads in the body, for example ...

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