Ranked by the ISI index, Biotropica is a highly regarded source of original research on the ecology, conservation and management of all tropical ecosystems, and on the evolution, behavior, and population biology of tropical organisms. Published on behalf of the Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation, the journal's Special Issues and Special Sections quickly become indispensable references for researchers in the field. Biotropica publishes timely Papers, Reviews, Commentaries, and Insights. Commentaries generate thought-provoking ideas that frequently initiate fruitful debate and discussion, while Reviews provide authoritative and analytical overviews of topics of current conservation or ecological importance. The newly instituted category Insights replaces Short Communications.

Impact factor
2.169 (2010)

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Can some snakes do cartwheels to escape or startle predators?

In research published in Biotropica, investigators report that the Dwarf Reed Snake (Pseudorabdion longiceps) performs cartwheels when threatened. This is the first time such an active rolling motion has been documented in ...

New phenomenon: Forest mammals eavesdrop on messy monkeys

Eavesdropping doesn't just belong in the playbooks of police officers and spies. It is also a phenomenon that plays out among animals. Previous studies have shown that certain species, especially birds, listen to each other ...

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