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Scientists report the oldest known case of conserved gene order

Genes are encoded in DNA, and closely related species will often have the same genes in the same order in the genome. However, over millions of years of evolution, this shared gene order gets lost as the DNA gets broken, ...

How does a crustacean become a crab?

Crabs are living the meme life on social media lately. The memes joke that everything will eventually look like a crab. But it's actually based in some truth.

The four horsemen of the COVID-19 pandemic

It is clear that we must prioritize identifying and alleviating the conditions that made the Covid-19 pandemic possible. Even as it rages, scientists are already asking if it is more than just a virus, but rather a symptom ...

Why are there no animals with three legs?

If "Why?" is the first question in science, "Why not?" must be a close second. Sometimes it's worth thinking about why something does not exist.

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