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A zigzag blueprint for topological electronics

A collaborative study led by the University of Wollongong confirms switching mechanism for a new, proposed generation of ultra-low energy topological electronics.

Biosensors using field-effect transistors show great promise

Demand for sensitive and selective electronic biosensors—analytical devices that monitor a target of interest in real time—is growing for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for health care within clinical settings, ...

Origami, kirigami inspire mechanical metamaterials designs

The ancient arts of origami, the art of paper-folding, and kirigami, the art of paper-cutting, have gained popularity in recent years among researchers building mechanical metamaterials. Folding and cutting 2D thin-film materials ...

The highest amplification in tiny nanoscale devices

A team of researchers from the University of Florida, led by Dr. Philip Feng, in collaboration with Prof. Steven Shaw in Florida Institute of Technology, has now demonstrated extremely high-efficient mechanical signal amplification ...

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