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Why people resort to lynching

In late March 2024, an eight-year-old girl went missing in Taxco, a small Mexican town two-and-a-half hours' drive south of Mexico City. Even before the police found the girl's lifeless body, the local community had already ...

Study shows biases undermine diversity efforts in policing

As more organizations attempt to increase the representation of women in traditionally male-dominated occupations (such as engineering, technology or banking), new research from George Washington University professor Jennifer ...

Study explores academic success among Jewish girls

Girls raised by Jewish parents are 23 percentage points more likely to graduate college than girls with a non-Jewish upbringing, even after accounting for their parents' socioeconomic status. Girls raised by Jewish parents ...

Study explores the role of landlords in housing discrimination

Examining the practices landlords use to screen potential tenants can offer significant insights into how racism continues to shape life outcomes. While sociological research on racial discrimination in housing has increasingly ...

How gender norms and job loss affect relationship status

In cultures that place a high value on conventional gender norms, particularly those that prize men as the breadwinners in a family, their unemployment plays an outsized role in whether a romantic relationship ultimately ...

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