American Behavioral Scientist is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes papers in the fields of social and behavioral science. The journal s editor is Laura Lawrie. It has been in publication since 1957 and is currently published by SAGE Publications. American Behavioral Scientist is an interdisciplinary journal that is aimed at scholars, researchers and professionals. The journal aims to provide in-depth perspectives on topics throughout the social and behavioral sciences. Each issue offers analysis of a single topic, examining areas such as sociology, international and U.S. politics, behavioral sciences and communication and media. American Behavioral Scientist seeks to stimulate creativity and occasionally, controversy within the emerging frontiers of the social sciences. American Behavioral Scientist is abstracted and indexed in SCOPUS, and the Social Sciences Citation Index, among other databases. According to the Journal Citation Reports, its 2010 impact factor is 0.492, ranking it 55 out of 84 journals in the category ‘Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary’. and 86 out of 104 journals in the category ‘Psychology, Clinical’.

SAGE Publications
United Kingdom
Impact factor
0.492 (2010)

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For much of the past two decades, associate professor of sociology Sarah Mayorga has examined what Americans, especially white Americans, mean by the term diversity.

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