A peer-reviewed international journal of agriculture and natural resource sciences, Agronomy Journal is published six times a year by the American Society of Agronomy, with articles relating to original research in soil science, crop science, agroclimatology and agronomic modeling, production agriculture, and software.

American Society of Agronomy

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Why interseeding might be the boost cover crops need

American farmers harvest nearly five times more corn than wheat. But this productive, useful crop requires fertilizer to reach its maximum potential, and is often not able to take up all the fertilizer it's given. Excess ...

Lupin used as winter cover crop boosts summer sorghum yield

Lupin is a well-known garden flower, and is an important part of a healthy habitat. Lupin grows rapidly and puts nutrients back into the soil. (Lupin is commonly referred to as "lupine" for those familiar with this plant.)

Digging into soil biology recovery after petroleum contamination

Spills and leaks of petroleum products wreak havoc on the environment. They can contaminate soils and pose significant threats to humans, animals, plants, and soil microbes. Cleaning up petroleum contamination can be energy ...

Study shows struvite good phosphorus source for crops

Studying new fertilizer options is the first step to getting farmers to eventually use them on their crops. A mineral called struvite has the potential to be an effective phosphorus fertilizer that may be considered organic.

Liming and phosphorus increase cassava yields

Cassava is a vital source of calories for close to a billion people across the world. The plant is a woody, perennial shrub with edible roots. Cassava roots are rich in carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, vitamins B and C, ...

Slow and steady wilting makes for better soybeans

Unpredictable rain is just one of the many challenges soybean producers face every year. However, certain soybean varieties may be better at tolerating an extended period of dry weather than others. Researchers with the University ...

Limestone improves coffee yield and profitability

The perfect cup of morning coffee. Before you even purchase the beans at the store, many things must go right before that great-tasting coffee can be poured into your favorite mug. It starts in the soil where farmers grow ...

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