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A treasure map for the realm of electrocatalysts

High entropy alloys (HEAs) are chemically complex materials made up of mixtures of five or more elements. What's interesting about them is that they offer completely new possibilities for the development of electrocatalysts. ...

Ultrafast charging of batteries using fully new anode material

By using a fully new material, nickel niobate, for the anode of lithium-ion batteries, the charging speed can be improved by ten times, according to researchers of the University of Twente. This is possible without the risk ...

New salts raise the bar for lithium ion battery technology

Lithium ion batteries are set to take a dominant role in electric vehicles and other applications in the near future—but the battery materials, currently in use, fall short in terms of safety and performance and are holding ...

Green hydrogen: Why do certain catalysts improve in operation?

As a rule, most catalyst materials deteriorate during repeated catalytic cycles—they age. But there are also compounds that increase their performance over the course of catalysis. One example is the mineral erythrite, ...

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