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Exploring the potential of single-atom catalysts

There is a high level of interest, even excitement, among chemists and materials scientists about the potential of single-atom catalysts (SACs), but their development relies on very specialized tools available only at synchrotrons ...

Progress in fused-ring electron acceptors

From 1995-2015, fullerene derivatives had been the dominating electron acceptors in organic solar cells (OSCs) owing to their performance superiority to other acceptors. However, the drawbacks of fullerenes, such as weak ...

A cool chemical separation technology

Gas and liquid separation processes in the chemical industry could be made more efficient and environmentally friendly by using substances known as intrinsically porous materials (IPMs). KAUST researchers review the prospects ...

Spray-drying to produce new materials in industrial applications

Spray drying is an industrial technique based on the atomization of a solution into aerosol droplets that in turn are evaporated to produce a powder (dried particles). This technique is well known in the chemical, food, and ...

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