Archive: 9/01/2007

Toshiba Announces 51GB Triple-Layer HD DVD-ROM Disc

Toshiba Corporation today underlined the versatility and high capacity of the HD DVD format with the announcement that the company has developed a triple-layer HD DVD-ROM (read only) disc with a capacity of 51 gigabytes. ...

dateJan 09, 2007 in Hardware
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Metric Moon

If you think in pounds and miles instead of kilograms and kilometers, you're in the minority. Only the United States, Liberia, and Burma still primarily use English units -- the rest of the world is metric. And now the Moon ...

dateJan 09, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Converting Nitrogen to a More Useful Form

Nitrogen-containing organic compounds are important products as well as intermediates for many pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and chemicals used in electronics. Air contains plenty of nitrogen, but it is in a form that cannot ...

dateJan 09, 2007 in
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