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The Physics of a golf swing

Ever wondered about the science behind your golf swing? Or what the perfect swing 'sounds' like? Last week an expert in the physics of golf has visited the home of golf to talk about technology aimed at developing 'the perfect ...

dateNov 06, 2007 in General Physics
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A Giant Step toward Infinitesimal Machinery

What are the ultimate limits to miniaturization? How small can machinery--with internal workings that move, turn, and vibrate--be produced? What is the smallest scale on which computers can be built?

dateNov 06, 2007 in Nanophysics
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Unlocking the function of enzymes

Fitting a key into a lock may seem like a simple task, but researchers at Texas A&M University are using a method that involves testing thousands of keys to unlock the functions of enzymes, and their findings could open the ...

dateNov 06, 2007 in
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To fight disease, animals, like plants, can tolerate parasites

Animals, like plants, can build tolerance to infections at a genetic level, and these findings could provide a better understanding of the epidemiology and evolution of infectious disease, according to evolutionary biologists.

dateNov 06, 2007 in
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