US, Britain urge cooperation on cyber threats

The United States and Britain called Saturday for international cooperation against threats to cyber security following a fresh spate of attacks on government and corporate targets.

Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano blasts tower of ash

(AP) -- The Popocatepetl volcano that towers over Mexico City began rumbling again Friday, shooting a blast of ash about 2 miles (3 kilometers) above its crater at dawn.

S.C. victory reveals Amazon's sway in tax battle

A war among giant retailers that animated South Carolina politics the past few months has tipped in the direction of one of the most aggressive competitors: Amazon.com.

NASA watching 2 areas in the Caribbean, 1 is a rainmaker

There are two low pressure areas in the Caribbean Sea for future development into tropical cyclones, although the chances are near zero for one, and minimal for the other. The GOES-13 satellite has been following the life ...

How muscle develops: A dance of cellular skeletons

Revealing another part of the story of muscle development, Johns Hopkins researchers have shown how the cytoskeleton from one muscle cell builds finger-like projections that invade into another muscle cell's territory, eventually ...