Dinosaur footprints lost with crumbling Bolivia rock face

Around 300 dinosaur footprints believed to be around 65 million years old were lost when the rock wall that contained them cleaved off and crumbled, a Bolivian national park director said Wednesday.

Bird migration becoming more hazardous

(PhysOrg.com) -- Can you imagine living your whole life in summer? In one of the most spectacular wildlife migrations on the planet, millions of shorebirds do exactly this by making a 20,000km round trip from their Arctic ...

Evidence 'steadily mounting' for cosmic life

Evidence is 'steadily mounting' that life on Earth began elsewhere in the Universe and was brought here by comets, according to a new paper by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe.

Obama unveils new biofuels, carbon capture, initiatives

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday unveiled a new strategy to reinvigorate US production of biofuels, vowing he would not let nations like China race ahead in building new energy economies.

Microsoft probing new hole in IE security

Fresh from patching an Internet Explorer (IE) flaw exploited in cyberattacks on Google and other firms, Microsoft is looking into a newly exposed vulnerability in the browser software.

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