Evolution of the evolutionarily minded

In the century and a half since Charles Darwin's publication of The Origin of Species, evolutionary theory has become the bedrock of modern biology, yet its application to the understanding of the human mind remains controversial. ...

Sexless for a million years, stick bugs elude extinction

(PhysOrg.com) -- Simon Fraser University biologists say a species of stick insect found to be celibate for 1.5 million years raises questions about why these particular lineages have escaped extinction thus far.

US Air Force: We want to use biofuels

The US Air Force is ready to switch to biofuels to help power its warplanes but the price of alternative fuels remains too high, military officials said Tuesday.

Canada won't review $4.5B sale of Nortel patents

(AP) -- The $4.5 billion sale of Nortel's patent portfolio to a consortium including Research In Motion Ltd. cleared another hurdle Tuesday as the Canadian government said the deal does not need to be reviewed under the ...

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