Global warming hikes risk of landslide tsunamis: study

With a wave runup of nearly 200 metres, the tsunami that ripped through an Alaskan fjord in 2015 was one of the largest ever documented. But with no-one killed, it almost went unnoticed.

EU clears Apple plan to buy music app Shazam

The EU on Thursday approved US tech giant Apple's plan to buy leading song-recognition app Shazam, saying the move would not reduce choice for music streaming consumers.

New electron glasses sharpen our view of atomic-scale features

What if we could make a powerful scientific tool even better? Atom probe tomography (APT) is a powerful way of measuring interfaces on a scale comparable to the distance between atoms in solids. It also has a chemical sensitivity ...

Defining a pan-genome for Antarctic archaea

Haloarchaea flourish in hypersaline environments, and researchers are interested in learning how these microbes have learned to adapt from marine to hypersaline conditions by studying the microbial communities in Antarctic ...

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