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New frontier in error-correcting codes

Error-correcting codes are one of the glories of the information age: They're what guarantee the flawless transmission of digital information over the airwaves or through copper wire, even in the presence ...

19 hours ago
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Engineering new vehicle powertrains

Car engines โ€“ whether driven by gasoline, diesel, or electricity โ€“ waste an abundance of energy. Researchers are working on ways to stem this wastefulness. Ultramodern test facilities are helping them ...

22 hours ago
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More efficient transformer materials

Almost every electronic device contains a transformer. An important material used in their construction is electrical steel. Researchers have found a way to improve the performance of electrical steel and ...

23 hours ago
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Sensor network tracks down illegal bomb-making

Terrorists can manufacture bombs with relative ease, few aids and easily accessible materials such as synthetic fertilizer. Not always do security forces succeed in preventing the attacks and tracking down ...

23 hours ago
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