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Stealth game steals info from Android sensors

( -- No joke. A proof-of-concept application for phones running Android pretends to be a fun challenge asking the user to identify identical icons from a bunch of images. All the while the app monitors ...

dateApr 24, 2012 in Software report
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Making Hair Realistic in Computer Animation

Poets and novelists often describe hair as "shining" or "shimmering." Dark hair has a "sheen"; blond hair "glows." All this comes about because of the complex scattering of incident light off of individual ...

dateJul 19, 2006 in Software
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Mac's Boot Camp spawns security worries

Growing up, we looked forward to the idea of increased responsibility. Once these responsibilities had been bestowed upon us, we wondered what the hurry to grow up had been about. Apple Computer may be finding ...

dateMay 17, 2006 in Software
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