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Sick mother was inspiration behind supersmart phone

A few years ago, Richard Chan's mother had a stroke and became physically disabled. She was living in England, while he was in Norway. After the stroke, it became difficult to communicate by phone. On one occasion she fell, ...

dateDec 07, 2016 in Software
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Microsoft adds new chat-based service for workers

Taking a cue from competing online services like Slack, which let workers chat and share information on the job, Microsoft is adding a new program called "Teams" to its Office 365 suite of internet productivity software.

dateNov 02, 2016 in Software
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Big US banks unveil consumer payment app

Major US banking groups Monday announced they would join forces for a new person-to-person mobile payment application to counter services like PayPal's Venmo and Square Cash.

dateOct 24, 2016 in Software
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New app 'hides' user location from third parties

Researchers who developed an app that blocks third parties from identifying an individual's location based on what they search for online received a "best paper" award at a recent conference.

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