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Intel Unveils New Chip Designs

In his Intel Developer Forum keynote today, Pat Gelsinger detailed the roadmap for Intel's continued march toward pervasive, higher performance and power efficient computing. The senior vice president and general ...

Aug 19, 2008
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Epson Develops New High-Resolution 3D LCD Display

( -- Seiko Epson Corporation has developed a high-resolution (equivalent to QVGA) autostereoscopic 3D liquid-crystal display that affords extra freedom of viewing position compared to conventional ...

Aug 11, 2008
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Toshiba's New 1.8-inch SATA HDD Achieves 160GB

Toshiba Corporation today announced a new line-up of 1.8-inch hard disk drives adopting a serial ATA interface, including the industry's first drive of this type with a capacity of 160 gigabytes. The new 160GB ...

Jun 12, 2008
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