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Electronic tattoo display runs on blood

Jim Mielke's wireless blood-fueled display is a true merging of technology and body art. At the recent Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the engineer demonstrated a subcutaneously implanted touch-screen ...

Feb 21, 2008 weblog
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A projector the size of a sugar cube

No larger than a sugar cube, the video projector is ready to hand at all times. Instead of the conventional microarrays, it contains just a single mirror which can be rotated around two axes. This makes it ...

Sep 12, 2006
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Inkless 'Zink' Printer Fits in Your Pocket

If you've ever wished you could print photos directly from your cell phone, a new mobile photo printer from Polaroid is coming that can do just that. Perhaps even more intriguing is the technology the printer ...

Jan 29, 2008 weblog
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Sharp Unveils Solar-Powered TV

For the 1.6 billion people living in areas without utility-supplied electricity, Sharp has designed a TV that can get 100% of its power from the sun. The company plans to exhibit the 26-inch LCD prototype ...

Jul 04, 2008 weblog
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Napkin PC Enables High-Tech Doodling

Designer Avery Holleman has developed the concept of a Napkin PC, a device that uses e-paper and radio frequency (RF) technology to enable creative groups to collaborate more effectively.

Jan 05, 2008 weblog
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