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Computer Keyboard Hacking

( -- Swiss researchers from the Security and Cryptography Laboratory have demonstrated different ways of eavesdropping on wired keyboards from at least 11 different models. The keyboards range ...

dateOct 22, 2008 in Computer Sciences weblog
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Avatar Mimics You in Real Time

It’s a little bit like looking in the mirror at your cartoon double, except that the “reflection” is an avatar on your computer screen. Wave your hand, nod your head, speak a sentence, and your avatar ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Computer Sciences feature
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Endless original, copyright-free music

A group of researchers from the University of Granada has developed Inmamusys, a software program that can create music in response to emotions that arise in the listener. By using Artificial Intelligence techniques, the ...

dateJun 01, 2009 in Computer Sciences
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