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New images show a 'living' Mars

Over the years, scientists have found evidence revealing that an ocean may have covered parts of the Red Planet billions of years ago. Others suggest that a future terraformed Mars could be lush with oceans ...

dateJan 03, 2013 in Space Exploration
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Is Mars dead, or is it only sleeping?

The surface of Mars is completely hostile to life as we know it. Martian deserts are blasted by radiation from the sun and space. The air is so thin, cold, and dry, if liquid water were present on the surface, ...

dateOct 17, 2007 in Earth Sciences
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Lava tubes on Pavonis Mons

These images, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA's Mars Express, show Pavonis Mons, the central volcano of the three 'shield' volcanoes that comprise Tharsis Montes.

dateMay 23, 2006 in Space Exploration
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Martian snow source of tropical glaciers

Snow is the source of glacial deposits found at the base of the majestic volcanoes and mountains dotting the mid-latitude and tropical regions of Mars. Based on an innovative blend of geological observations ...

dateJan 19, 2006 in
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