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What's that sparkle in Cassini's eye?

The moon Enceladus, one of the jewels of the Saturn system, sparkles peculiarly bright in new images obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The images of the moon, the first ever taken of Enceladus with Cassini's ...

dateDec 02, 2011 in Space Exploration
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NASA Goddard Felt July 16 Quake

( -- A small earthquake, centered in Germantown, Md. occurred at 5:04 a.m. EDT today, July 16, and its vibrations were felt from West Virginia to Bridgeport, Conn. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center ...

dateJul 19, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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Image: Volcanic uplift

( -- This Envisat Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar interferogram over the Kenyan section of the Great Rift Valley shows small surface displacements that are not visible to the naked eye of the ...

dateJul 02, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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