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Health care workers often shun flu shot

Every year, top U.S. health officials send out widely publicized reminders to get vaccinated against seasonal flu. And every year, more than 60 percent of the public looks the other way, deciding against the shots either ...

dateSep 18, 2009 in Health
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U.S. races to get millions of swine flu doses ready

In a contest that pits human against virus, the U.S. government is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of swine flu vaccine in hopes of having millions of doses ready for use before the next wave of the pandemic H1N1 ...

dateSep 08, 2009 in Medications
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China approves single-dose swine flu vaccine

(AP) -- The answer may be at hand to a crucial question about vaccination for the advancing swine flu - one shot or two? Chinese officials approved a vaccine Thursday that they say prevents the new flu in ...

dateSep 03, 2009 in Medications
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