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Pandemic toolkit offers flu with a view

( -- As communities brace for rising wintertime influenza cases, scientists are developing a mathematical and visual analytic toolkit to help health officials quickly analyze pandemics and craft ...

dateDec 14, 2009 in Computer Sciences
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In Europe, most swine flu shots by invitation only

(AP) -- In Britain, there are no long lines of people seeking swine flu vaccine. Doctor's offices aren't swamped with desperate calls. And there are no cries of injustice that the vaccine is going to wealthy ...

dateNov 06, 2009 in Health
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Sneezing in times of a flu pandemic

The swine flu (H1N1) pandemic has received extensive media coverage this year. The World Health Organization, in addition to providing frequent updates about cases of infection and death tolls, recommends hyper vigilance ...

dateNov 02, 2009 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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