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The impact of teaching assistantships

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are graduate students employed by a university or college to undertake certain teaching responsibilities. These responsibilities may include grading assignments, leading discussion or recitation ...

dateJul 26, 2016 in Social Sciences
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3-D-printing lab instruments one block at a time

A team of researchers and students at the University of California, Riverside has created a Lego-like system of blocks that enables users to custom make chemical and biological research instruments quickly, easily and affordably. ...

dateJul 20, 2016 in Engineering
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Pokemon Go: only for the brave in Lagos

It's safe to say Nintendo's hit mobile game Pokemon Go is more suited for playing in the clean, well-lit streets of San Francisco or the impeccably-maintained parks of New York.

dateJul 15, 2016 in Software
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