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Students surprised by how smart chickens are

University of Adelaide research has shown that when students are taught to train chickens their attitude to chickens changes. Learning that chickens are smarter than most people think, and that they can be trained, promotes ...

dateSep 18, 2015 in Plants & Animals
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Learning is not a spectator sport

Free - or very inexpensive - online courses have become quite a trend in education. Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers currently offer thousands of courses and have enticed millions of students to enroll. The emphasis ...

dateSep 14, 2015 in Social Sciences
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Wheatbelt forum sparks science interests

Australia's rural school children are consistently out-performed in the academic world of science by students living in cities, according to global tests such as the International Students Assessment (PISA).

dateSep 14, 2015 in Social Sciences
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