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OK, computation

"It seems like Nature has some secret that lets it make complicated stuff in an effortless way," Stephen Wolfram recently told an audience at Oxford University’s Mathematical Institute.

dateJul 02, 2012 in Mathematics
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New robots give absent workers presence in office

Late one July night, Mountain View, Calif., Fire Captain Verne Chestnut and his crew were checking out a fire alarm at an office building near Highway 237 when he saw movement inside. Worried that someone ...

dateSep 01, 2010 in Robotics
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Review: Flaws in Web's much-touted WolframAlpha

(AP) -- When a free Web service called WolframAlpha launches in the coming days, the general public will get to try a "computational knowledge engine" that has had technology insiders buzzing because of its ...

dateMay 13, 2009 in Internet
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