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Late-life remarriage: Stepfamilies make caring more complex

Late-life remarriage complicates caring for an ailing spouse, according to a University of Michigan researcher who is conducting one of the first known studies to focus on the challenges facing older remarried caregivers---a ...

Jun 25, 2008
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Low Grades, Bad Behavior? Siblings May Be To Blame

We all know the story of a man named Brady and the group that somehow formed a family. But if the iconic ‘70s sitcom about a “blended” family reflected reality, the Brady Bunch likely would have been dealing with much ...

Apr 22, 2008
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Depression May Be Lifelong Parent Trap

Parenthood is wonderful, joyful, rewarding and depressing. A study by Florida State University professor Robin Simon and Vanderbilt University's Ranae Evenson found that parents have significantly higher levels of depression tha ...

Feb 06, 2006
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