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Italy launches private high-speed train

Italy launched Europe's first private high-speed train service this week, as the country looks towards the more liberal economy that Prime Minister Mario Monti wants to put on the rails.

dateApr 22, 2012 in Business
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The new paradox: Mobile but sedentary

The distance people travel for professional purposes is increasing. Scientists are taking a closer look at these 21st century nomads, uncovering the reasons behind the long kilometers and the consequences ...

dateJun 02, 2014 in Social Sciences
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A course correction for transportation thinking

Time spent commuting is usually considered time wasted. At least that's how transportation planners think of it, and it stands true whether you're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, soaring through the skies ...

dateMay 16, 2014 in Other
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Explainer: The engineering challenges of HS2

Next year, high-speed rail travel will celebrate its 50th birthday. In 1964, Japan put into service the first Shinkansen line, from Tokyo to Osaka. Its trains initially operated at speeds of up to 210 km/h ...

dateNov 19, 2013 in Engineering
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