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Re-creating autism, in mice

( -- By mutating a single gene, researchers at MIT and Duke have produced mice with two of the most common traits of autism — compulsive, repetitive behavior and avoidance of social interaction.

dateMar 21, 2011 in Medical research
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Scientists find gene linked to schizophrenia

An international study led by Université de Montréal scientists suggests that gene mutations may predispose some individuals to schizophrenia and provides new clues about the causes of this ambiguous disorder. ...

dateApr 12, 2010 in Genetics
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The first autism disease genes

The autistic disorder was first described, more than sixty years ago, by Dr. Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA), who created the new label 'early infantile autism'. At the same time an Austrian scientist, Dr. ...

dateSep 01, 2008 in Genetics
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