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New robots give absent workers presence in office

Late one July night, Mountain View, Calif., Fire Captain Verne Chestnut and his crew were checking out a fire alarm at an office building near Highway 237 when he saw movement inside. Worried that someone ...

Sep 01, 2010
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Roadmap for robot helpers

The humble robot cleaning your floor heralds a wave of robot helpers, from miners to surgeons, that could be joining us in the coming decades. How should the industry prepare for these new markets?

Aug 05, 2010
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Haptic solution for modelling industrial designs

( -- Industrial design modelling, used to make prototypes of home appliances or mock-ups of car parts, could soon make the leap from the world of plaster, plastic and sticky tape into the digital ...

Apr 06, 2010
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No mere pipe dream

( -- UCI engineers are working on robotic technology to rehabilitate the nation's aging water infrastructure.

Feb 08, 2010
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