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Nanocrystals not small enough to avoid defects

(—Nanocrystals as protective coatings for advanced gas turbine and jet engines are receiving a lot of attention for their many advantageous mechanical properties, including their resistance to ...

dateDec 14, 2012 in Nanophysics
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Exposing valence-bond model inadequacies

( -- Nature makes science fun by never failing to surprise. Just when scientists think they have a thing figured out, nature sends them scurrying to the whiteboard because of some unexpected result. ...

dateAug 03, 2012 in General Physics
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New form of hafnium oxide developed

( -- A novel material developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge is opening up new possibilities for next generation electronic and optoelectronic devices, and paving the way for further ...

dateFeb 07, 2012 in Materials Science
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For Better Nanowires, Just Add Diamond

Among the positive characteristics of diamond, such as its beauty and unsurpassed hardness, are less well known properties that make it a valuable material in the electronics industry. Now, according to two scientists at ...

dateNov 15, 2006 in Nanomaterials feature
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Los Alamos pressure process makes pure zirconium glass

Zirconium may not be a girl's best friend, but by squeezing the metal with roughly the same pressure needed to make diamonds, scientists at the University of California's Los Alamos National Laboratory made a pure glass that ...

dateJul 15, 2004 in
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