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Grazing towards sustainability

The first international Global Farm Platform conference hosted by the University of Bristol this week [12 to 15 January] will highlight the benefits of utilising pasture and robust cows over high-yield, intensive systems.

dateJan 12, 2016 in Other
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Brazil defends treasures of its 'Blue Amazon'

Hundreds of years ago, Brazil's southern Atlantic waters were sailed by pirates in search of plunder. Now these remote depths, dubbed the "Blue Amazon", hold richer treasures for scientists.

dateDec 31, 2015 in Ecology
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Open platform to help the blind navigate surroundings

Scientists from IBM Research and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) today announced the first of a kind open platform designed to support the creation of smartphone apps that can enable the blind to better navigate their surroundings.

dateOct 16, 2015 in Software
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