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Liquid-solid interactions, as never before seen

( -- Wettability -- the degree to which a liquid either spreads out over a surface or forms into droplets -- is crucial to a wide variety of processes. It influences, for example, how easily a ...

Apr 25, 2010
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DNA computation gets logical

Biomolecular computers, made of DNA and other biological molecules, only exist today in a few specialized labs, remote from the regular computer user. Nonetheless, Tom Ran and Shai Kaplan, research students in the lab of ...

Aug 03, 2009
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DNA 'tricked' to act as nano-building blocks

( -- McGill researchers have succeeded in finding a new way to manufacture nanotubes, one of the important building blocks of the nanotechnology of the future. Their building material? Biological DNA.

Apr 13, 2009
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