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Glorious gadolinium gives flash memory a future

Future flash memory could be faster and store more data without changing its basic design by using a clever nanocrystal material proposed by scientists at Taiwan's Chang Gung University, who describe a new logical element ...

Aug 24, 2010
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Diamonds and the holy grail of quantum computing

Since Richard Feynman's first envisioned the quantum computer in 1982, there have been many studies of potential candidates -- computers that use quantum bits, or qubits, capable of holding an more than one value at a time ...

Jun 29, 2010
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A Robot Called WANDA (w/ Video)

( -- Berkeley Lab scientists have established a revolutionary nanocrystal-making robot, capable of producing nanocrystals with staggering precision. This one-of-a-kind robot, named WANDA, provides ...

Apr 26, 2010
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