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Any spread of breast cancer raises risk of return

(AP) -- Breast cancer patients with even the tiniest spread of the disease to a lymph node have a much higher risk of it recurring years later and may need more treatment than just surgery, new research suggests.

dateAug 12, 2009 in Cancer
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Metastasis formation revealed in detail and real time

Up to 25% of cancer patients develop metastases in the brain - often long after successful treatment of the primary tumor. In almost all such cases, the prognosis is poor. The mechanisms responsible for the appearance of ...

dateDec 20, 2009 in Cancer
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Researchers combine nanotubes and antibodies to detect cancer

By coating the surfaces of tiny carbon nanotubes with monoclonal antibodies, biochemists and engineers at Jefferson Medical College and the University of Delaware have teamed up to detect cancer cells in a tiny drop of water. ...

dateNov 17, 2005 in
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